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Virginia is a state rich in history. At the end of the 16th century, England started colonizing the North American continent and Queen Elizabeth I gave the land the name of Virginia. The state is commonly referred to as the “birthplace of a nation” because eight of the US presidents were born there.

Virginia is a wealthy state with a reasonable cost of living. Virginia is home to twenty-seven military bases and is home to the Pentagon. It’s safe to say, the military support within the state helps maintain a strong economy. Naturally, this type of military presence influences the culture. While some critics say this large military presence heavily influences the culture, Virginia is also home to twenty-one Fortune 500 companies scattered across the state primarily serving the IT industry and receiving a well-deserved title as the Silicon Valley of the East. The IT industry has brought in a diversity of cultures, ethnicities, and skill set that make Virginia, and in particular Northern Virginia a well-balanced and very desirable area to live in.

The educational system in Virginia is world-class starting at the grade school level and up to the prestigious University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. In addition to the high level of intelligence, Virginia is known for being exceptionally polite. There are a lot of family-friendly opportunities to enjoy when living in Virginia. People who live in Virginia are happier. According to a national poll conducted by Gallup-Sharecare, people in Virginia said they felt better about the community they live in and their place in it, than residents living in most other states. There is a solid mix of ideologies that come from this process to create a centrist atmosphere that most people enjoy. There are certainly some challenges to manage in Virginia, including housing costs and traffic, but it can also be a memorable experience. Because the northern part of the state is in commuting distance for Washington, D.C., it tends to see housing prices that are about as bad as the traffic. It has higher overall quality of life ratings compared to most other states as well. The pros and cons of living in Virginia can help you to decide if the rich history, strong economy, and beautiful scenery it offers can support your household. Virginia is truly a four-season destination with the geography and climate to match any outdoor activity, adventure and sport. From farm-raised oysters to home-grown ham and peanuts – as well as more than 300 wineries and 200 craft breweries – Virginia is sure to have something to whet your palate. Lastly, if you need one more reason, Virginia is for lovers!

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