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Lorenzo Montanari

As a first time home buyer in Washington, D.C., I am truly satisfied with the expertise provided by my real estate agent Katty Vocal. She has been very supportive in all the stages of buying my apartment, Actually, Ms. Vocal was able to act as a regular real estate agent and be very supportive and responsible in advising on the administrative phases. She was able to make my journey as a buyer enjoyable. I fully recommend Katty Vocal as your next agent.

Denny Hernandez

It’s pleasant doing business with Ms. Katty Vocal. Since 2007, we have completed five closings and the relationship with her is speechless.

Lorena Segovia

Katty is the best! You will never regret going with her. I am looking for a condominium as a first home buyer and she is making it easy for me because she is taking her time. It means not pressuring, not in a hurry and I love that! I could not choose a better person. If you are thinking to buy/sale please don’t hesitate to go with her. You are the best Katty.

The Thompson Family

A friend of ours recommended Katty. She has provided excellent service from the start of the process and continues long after closing. Our children love Katty. She has been our real estate agent as a seller twice and as a buyer once. She is efficient, understanding, reliable, fun and thorough. We recommend Katty without reservation.