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Washington, D.C.

White House in DC

Washington, D.C., the U.S. Capitol, is a compact city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia.

The Washington, D.C. area is a great place to live with a variety of choices for work, recreation and lifestyles. While everyone has different preferences, you might be wondering if the city or the suburbs of the nation’s capital are right for you, Washington D.C. was recognized as one of the top ten best places to live in the US, and it’s the 12th best place to retire in the US.

Washington D.C. had an estimated population of 693,972 people and 700,000 non-residents commute to work. Residents pay both Federal and District income taxes, despite the fact that they do not have any elected representatives in Congress. Although the cost of living is high, the property taxes are relatively low and the utility expenses are relatively lower than the country average.

The Washington D.C. area is home to a wide variety of people from different ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, religions, and economic levels. Overall the population is highly educated which makes it an interesting place to live. The District has plenty of thing to do including cultural activities, entertainment, shopping, festivals, outdoor recreation, and great restaurants. D.C. is a tourist attraction for millions of people each year. The unique history paired with the beautiful scenery attracts tourists from near and far. There is always something going on! Weekends are filled with festivals, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, and a myriad of other events. Plus, the entrance to national museums is free; anyone can have a great experience visiting interesting exhibits year-round.

The Mid-Atlantic region has relatively mild weather and fewer natural disasters than other parts of the United States. Residents look forward to the beauty of the four seasonal changes. The region offers a variety of getaways within a few hours drive. You can enjoy a day trip or weekend getaway at the beach, the mountains, or several cities including Baltimore, Annapolis, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York.

The region has everything from urban condo/apartments to suburban townhouses and single-family homes to rural farmland. You can choose to live in a community that best suits your lifestyle. The housing and the cost of living in the Washington, D.C. area is among the highest in the country. Salaries tend to be higher as well. The political influence makes the D.C. area an interesting place to live. As the nation’s capital, the government is the center of economy in the metro market. The job market is strong because of government employers and contracts. The political climate is constantly changing and the world’s eye is always on this city.

It’s a highly educated city. If you have kids, D.C. has some excellent schools. But like any other city, some are better than others. Universities in the district include Georgetown, George Washington, Howard, and American.

In Washington D.C., you will find a variety of diverse neighborhoods. Each neighborhood offers its atmosphere and view of the city. If you enjoy a city that offers a tremendous amount of diversity and openness about politics, this thriving metropolitan is a suitable location to call home.

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